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Need custom software that solves specific problems for YOUR business? We can do that.

When it comes to business software, one size does NOT fit all.

Have you been searching for a software solution that fits? Are you tired of overspending and underusing complicated enterprise solutions?

Axim Solutions can help you create software that targets your specific problems, without busting your budget.

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Why pay for bells and whistles that you'll never need?

Why invest in something that doesn't do everything you need it to do?

Why not just pay for what you need?

We're experts at designing software for automated solutions that can help you become more efficient. Let Axim Solutions focus on the technology behind the scenes.

You focus on what you do best: growing your business.

We love solving IF ONLY problems for entrepreneurs.

All companies start with a vision.

These days, you need reliable, working software to make that vision a reality.

Sometimes that software already exists. But more often than not, it needs to be created from scratch. That's what we can do for you.

Entrepreneurs struggle with what we call IF ONLY problems.

How many times have you wondered, IF ONLY?

  • IF ONLY... that information was available to my people in the field!
  • IF ONLY… Team A knew that Team B was talking to the customer!
  • IF ONLY… they would have made a note of it at the time!

We help solve your IF ONLY problems with unique, customized software solutions and cloud computing systems.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and we'll evaluate how we can help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop custom software solutions for business?

No two clients or projects are alike. We begin each relationship by assessing your needs, documenting them, and addressing the perspectives of multiple end-users.

We share that document with you for review. We get feedback and iron out details. There is no charge for this conversation and the documentation we prepare.

Once we agree on the details and specifications for the platform you envision, we determine the estimated number of hours the project should take us. We provide a formal estimate. If you agree, we move forward.

Additionally, because each problem we solve requires a unique solution, we typically do not ask for payment up front. We’ve found that the best way to approach large projects is on short-term retainer arrangements. We agree on a monthly payment plan.

How does Axim Solutions differ from other software developers?

We are not right for everyone. Our clients work with us because they find us to be trustworthy, sincere, and authentic. When you work with us, what you see is what you get.

We never take on more than a project or two at a time. When you engage with us, we focus on you until your project is launched and operational.

Once we engage with you, we create an account for you in our project tracking software and provide you access to it. Through this software you can follow along and are kept up to date as we make progress on bringing your vision into a reality.

We communicate with you frequently (typically once a week), notify you when specific features are ready to test, and you sign off each item when we have met your needs.

Because project launch is a critical part of the development cycle, when it's time for your project to go public, we set up a custom cloud hosting server to run it. After launch, we monitor it to make sure everything is running smoothly and working as expected.

Over time, you may discover new features you would like to add or existing functions you would like to revise - no problem! We'll still be here to make it happen.

Clients who retain us for projects often continue to work with us after their initial project is completed. What makes us different is that we don’t just write software and move on. If needed, Axim Solutions can be your technology experts for the long haul.

What kinds of problems has Axim Solutions solved?

We've assisted with Data Mining, Logistics, Communication, Reporting, Analytics, Registration, Printing, Databases, Security, Fraud Prevention, and so much more.

We’ve helped solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, schools and universities, multi-million dollar firms, non-profit organizations, medical practices, government agencies and their affiliates.

We are happy to provide you with suitable references, once we meet and evaluate your needs.

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