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Is your website FAST enough? Or are you getting passed by the competition?

The Axim Solutions team of Internet Engineers can improve the speed and performance of your website across multiple devices.

Why should I optimize my website for speed?

The online world is getting faster every day. Slow websites don’t stand a chance.

Customers are impatient and a sluggish website sends the absolute wrong message to potential clients. When visitors and prospects experience a fast website, they stick around, click more links, and are much more likely to convert into customers.

You know who else cares about speed? Google.

Faster sites rank higher on Google searches, which translates to greater visibility, higher traffic and serious boosts to your bottom line!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do websites load slowly?

Websites often load slowly for one simple reason - they are overstuffed.

Graphic designers who build websites sometimes put form over function. They inadvertently use plugins or features in ways that are inefficient, leading to slow processing - both on your hosting server and on the devices that load and view your website (such as mobile phones).

Don’t get us wrong, we love designers. They’re the experts at making your website look great.

But we’re the experts when it comes to speed and performance.

Why should I choose Axim Solutions to optimize my website?

We’ve been building websites and custom software solutions for businesses, schools and organizations for over a decade.

We’re experts at improving what goes on under the hood of your website. We address both the server-side and client-side aspects of performance. We are uniquely qualified to translate Google PageSpeed Insights reports, and to determine which functions of a website are causing performance problems.

We know what can slow your website down. And we know how to speed it up.

Will I need to build a whole new website?

Not at all. If you’re happy with your current site, we offer solutions that will improve performance without dramatically altering your site's appearance.

We even work hand-in-hand with graphic designers to ensure that new visual changes and new content added to your site continue to load quickly for visitors.

How much does website speed optimization cost?

The short answer is that it depends on your site.

The first phase includes migrating your website to a custom-tailored WordPress server on Amazon Web Services. We will fine tune your site, theme, and plugins to ensure your pages and content are delivered as quickly as possible.

Our clients typically see Google PageSpeed scores rise by 30-50 points (occasionally, by as much as 80 points), which leads to increased rank and more quality search traffic. Some clients have seen a return on their investment in as little as two weeks!

The cost for that first phase can start as low as $750.

Do optimized websites stay optimized forever?

Unfortunately, no.

A number of things can happen after optimization that will degrade website performance.

Future plugin and theme updates can have undesired effects on performance. And the algorithm Google uses for calculating PageSpeed changes regularly, and without warning.

Protecting you from those surprises is why Axim Solutions offers a weekly update and maintenance program. After we optimize your website, you can subscribe to our support plan for only $100 per month and your site will stay optimized.

We’ll update plugins and other security features regularly, and run a performance report every week.

We measure your weekly performance number against the benchmark for your site. If there’s any degradation in performance, we can take action immediately.

What does Axim do to ensure my website stays fast?

Ongoing support means that we proactively update and monitor your website software every week. We identify and resolve new performance problems before they can hurt your visitors.

After your website’s initial optimization we can continue to make sure your website continues running as fast as possible by:

  • Monitoring your website regularly
  • Installing updates to your site’s themes and plugins weekly
  • Analyzing any changes in performance, and resolving new issues as they arise
  • Securely backing your site
  • Maintaining valid SSL certificate(s) for your hosted domain(s)
  • Providing recommendations for additional optimization opportunities
  • Answering your calls and emails promptly and cordially

We provide all of this and more for just $100 per month. Once you see what fast page loads can do for your marketing efforts, you'll agree with our client Walt who says we "aren't charging nearly enough."

How long does website speed optimization take?

Once you provide us with full access to your website, we can get the site migrated and optimized in as little as two weeks.

Every site is different, so we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. But you can rest assured that we will complete the optimization as promptly as possible and follow up with you for a presentation and review before we publish it.

As soon as you approve and we publish the site, you’ll start reaping the benefits of faster performance.

How can I speed up my website today?

Start by scheduling a free Website Performance Analysis using our convenient calendar.

We'll perform a series of tests and review your website prior to the call.

During our call, we’ll review your current performance and give you an estimate of how much faster the site could load once optimized.

If you wish to move forward, we’ll provide you with a proposal and get to work.

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