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Need an eLearning system that’s in a class by itself?

We can build you a custom online education system from scratch or update and improve a current system that just isn’t making the grade.

Our careful approach to creating a custom system gives teachers and administrators confidence in the backend technology, so they can focus on what they do best.

Axim Solutions has been building and managing online training platforms since our first system launched in 2010. Today, over 100,000 students from around the world have been enrolled into and have completed hundreds of programs and courses through systems we’ve designed and implemented on behalf of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online education (eLearning)?

Online Education, or “eLearning”, includes training or course material that is delivered online. eLearning can take a variety of forms, such as articles, discussion forums, video tutorials and lectures, assignments, quizzes, and even online presentations or conference rooms.

Generally, course content is managed within a Learning Management System (LMS), where students view the course materials and may (or may not) interact with one another. Often a Student Management System (SMS) will accompany the LMS, though both "systems" may be built into one seamless piece of software (our work with VCPI noted below is one example).

SMS features typically involve managing student accounts and records, or other administrative tasks. Other software or features may be included to facilitate course purchases, payment processing, email newsletters, virtual conferences, etc.

How does Axim Solutions help online educators?

As seasoned Internet Engineers and Systems Analysts, we help institutions and educators to determine which features to use and how to work with them. We customize the features to their needs and specifications. Sometimes, we build special plugins or proprietary training platforms when something an educator needs does not already exist.

What software does Axim Solutions use to facilitate online courses?

Depending on the needs of any given client, we may deploy dozens of software programs and components. As with our custom business solutions projects, online learning management systems (LMS) and/or student management systems (SMS) must be tailored to the specific needs of the educators and their students.

So far, we've used a variety of text, audio and video content. We have also utilized, and even custom-built, activities to develop and evaluate particular skills in course attendees. Above all, we strive to make sure that our clients are equipped with tools and systems that give them the greatest ability to educate their students. This also ensures that the students gain the skills that they need to succeed.

What are some examples of Learning Management Systems that Axim Solutions has worked with or built?

To help potential clients understand the type of work we’re able to perform (and some of the results they can achieve) we’ve collected a handful of case studies below. If you have a specific need that you would like to discuss, or any questions about our past projects, please contact us to learn more.

Learn more about past eLearning projects

McIntire School of Commerce logo

The McIntire School Foundation at The University of Virginia

Complete Online Education (eLearning) Solution

From 2010 through 2015, the Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions worked hand-in-hand with senior staff from The McIntire School of Commerce Foundation and faculty from the McIntire School of Commerce at The University of Virginia.

Together, we built and operated an automated online learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SMS), and supported a 10-course executive-level training course to hundreds of business executives around the globe. Clients and students of the program included executives from global enterprises such as IBM, Tech Mahindra, and several Fortune 500 companies. The project launched with us as a pilot.

After successful operation for five years, the Foundation leaders established that it was beyond proof of concept, after which management was brought in-house, making it an official part of their curriculum now known as The Executive Certificate in Management Program.

The Income Tax School logo

The Income Tax School

Third-Party Sales Integration with Ed2Go

In 2012, the Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions began working with The Income Tax School and Ed2Go to fully integrate the Ed2Go sales platform with a Moodle Website owned and operated by The Income Tax School. By working directly with the technology team at Ed2Go, we were able to build a perfect implementation with their API to automatically handle course registration, course expiration, and single-sign-on (SSO) into the existing Moodle Website used by ITS.

Through numerous platform upgrades and migrations, this system continues to operate smoothly many years after it was designed and built by our team.

Issuing Completion Certificates Automatically

The Income Tax School (ITS) issues downloadable certificates to students for their completion of certain courses or programs. Prior to enlisting Axim Solutions, course administrators at ITS were issuing certificates manually. Staff would type student and federal certification data into a formatted Word Document and save it to PDF. This activity was especially “taxing” around tax certification deadlines, when hundreds of students would rush to complete courses within the last few days of federal or state deadlines.

After discussing ITS’s needs in detail with their administrators, The Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions built an automated certificate issuing system for their Learning Management Website. Now students receive their completion certificates via email within just minutes of completing their courses. Our solution saved ITS administrators hundreds of person-hours per year.

Managing Migrations, Updates, and Enhancements

In 2012, Axim Solutions took over hosting and management of the Moodle platform used by The Income Tax School. First, we migrated their existing Moodle Platform to Amazon Web Services. Because of this the site was able to support many more students and to run much faster. We then implemented a variety of plugins and features to speed up their daily processes and to improve the content for students. This greatly reduced manual work for the system and course administrators at The Income Tax School.

Axim Solutions has continued managing upgrades and improvements to the software and associated plugins ever since.

Automated Enrollments between LMS and Shopping Cart

For several years, The Income Tax School's course administrators had been struggling to get students enrolled from their shopping cart promptly. This was a manual process and took up several hours each week.

In 2013, the Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions were asked to help with this problem. We reviewed documentation and researched solutions for the pre-existing shopping cart platform integration. Upon finding there was no built-in or third party integration we built a fully custom integration solution.

Our system has saved the course administrators at ITS hundreds of hours each year and the stress of managing these enrollments manually. Once implemented, existing and new students alike were able to access their newly purchased course programs within minutes of checking out at the shopping cart.

In 2018, Axim Solutions again helped ITS by helping to plan a major transition of the shopping cart platform to use WooCommerce on their WordPress Website.


Virginia Center for Policing Innovation

Custom Built SMS, Registration, and Learning Platform

In 2016, Axim Solutions was contacted by Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI), a leading provider of online and in-person training for law enforcement personnel and civilians.

VCPI had been working with their prior vendor for upwards of two years on a customized Moodle Learning Management system. This system was not serving VCPI needs. They referred to it as their “Frankenstein” system. Because they were so stressed by its unpredictability, they had gone back to using their out-dated intranet system built in 2006 because that older system was more reliable than the “abomination” cobbled together from the Moodle Learning Management system.

The Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions spent several hours discussing and documenting the needs and requests of each member at VCPI. Following these lengthy in-person meetings, our Internet Engineers went to work, designing and building a brand new Website system to fully integrate all of VCPI’s needs for both in-person and online education. We met with VCPI many times over this lengthy process to make sure we fully understood their scope and the complex legal ramifications of their unique industry.

After well over a year of design, development, and testing, in 2018 we launched the new VCPI Registration System. This is a combined Student Management and Learning Management System (integrated SMS and LMS). It makes it easy for VCPI and all of their agents and students to easily manage their accounts, enrollments, course materials, and reports. This unique system handles account creation, course registrations, agency management, enrollments into in-person and online courses, payment collections, course documents, and numerous custom reports. All of this is built to seamlessly integrate with a cleanly installed and sustainable Moodle Website.

VCPI’s Registration system is one of the most complex software platforms built by the Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions. It represents thousands of hours of tireless work from both the development team and the VCPI staff.

LMS for a US D.O.J. Contract

In 2017, while building a fully custom SMS and LMS hybrid system for Virginia Center for Policing Innovation, VCPI also hired Axim Solutions to build a simpler site for strictly online training courses. VCPI had been chosen by the United States Department of Justice to produce a series of courses for law enforcement and civilians, now published at

The Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions worked closely with VCPI to implement a frontend Website and a backend Learning Management System (LMS). We have continued to keep the technology performing and conforming to the specifications required by this important federal government project. We continue to maintain the backend systems and to furnish upgrades and enhancements when requested by VCPI.

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