A True Story About How Axim Solutions Helped One Company Close a Communication Gap, Recapture Lost Revenue and See the Whole Elephant

This one begins with an ancient Indian parable:

Some blind men were taken to an elephant. None of them had ever encountered an elephant. But  so they take turns describing the beast.

One happened to put his hand on the elephant’s side. “Well, well!” he said, “now I know all about this beast. He is exactly like a wall.”

The second felt only of the elephant’s tusk. “No, no” he said, “you are mistaken. He is not at all like a wall. He is round and smooth and sharp. He is more like a spear than anything else.”

The third happened to take hold of the elephant’s trunk. “Both of you are wrong,” he said. “Anybody who knows anything can see that this elephant is like a snake.”

The fourth reached out his arms, and grasped one of the elephant’s legs. “Oh, how blind you are!” he said. “It is very plain to me that he is round and tall like a tree.”

They were all correct of course, but only in their own way! The whole picture, for anyone who could see, was completely different.

The lesson? It’s hard to operate with incomplete information.

When you can’t see the whole picture, you miss opportunities. 

When you miss opportunities, you leave money on the table.

And unless you work at a restaurant, money left on the table is money wasted.

Missed Opportunities and Lost Revenue


Not long ago, John was worried about wasting money.

John owns a company that provides very specialized counseling services. Inside the company, there are different departments for each type of care. Each department does an exemplary job of providing the services they specialize in. 

People working were happy, customers always left satisfied, the organization was profitable. What could be better? 

Except John knew they could do more.

He saw a communication gap between the departments. The gap meant clients were not being provided additional services, which were missed opportunities, and that meant the company was leaving money on the table! John needed to find a way to stop leaving money on the table. Here’s a simple way to think of the problem… Imagine John’s company as an office with three service counters. Each counter provides one specialized service. A client arrives to see the specialist behind counter A. When her needs are met, she departs. The client is happy because she received excellent service. Specialist A is happy to have provided excellent service. But the client has no idea she could have benefited from seeing the specialists behind counters B or C. And the specialists behind counters B and C had no idea they could have helped the client who came to specialist A. This was true of all 3 counters, and almost all clients visiting them. Clients came, met with their specialties, and departed happy and content. Except John. He saw it. And he wanted to fix it.
John needed a way to bring together the separate pieces so that his employees and clients could see the whole elephant. In John’s case, “the whole elephant” meant providing a more holistic approach to counseling and care. John had a gut feeling that his business could do better if there was an automated system in place to screen new clients. He wanted something that could be easily (and instantly) shared between departments. He was tired of leaving money on the table. He wondered out loud, “What kind of system do we need?” and “Who can build this for us?” John didn’t know the extent of the problem or the platform he needed. But he did know the phone number for Axim Solutions.

Building a Software Solution to Close the Gap

Axim’s Internet Engineers have a soft spot for “If Only” problems. And John had lots of them. IF ONLY we had a standardized questionnaire. IF ONLY it was easy to use and could be automated to send information to the appropriate department. IF ONLY we could create something to bridge the communication gap between the first point of contact and all of the other departments. The mission was pretty clear: Build an automated, interdepartmental application that includes a screening questionnaire to qualify client needs and trigger referral emails, track referrals and get all that money off the table. Axim did it and it worked. Axim Solutions crafted a standalone application used by all departments. Once they complete the questions and hit save, custom algorithms send automatic emails to the appropriate departments. Gap closed. Money off the table.

What are your “IF ONLY” problems?

The Internet Engineers at Axim Solutions are on a mission to liberate business owners and educators from website hosting and software problems. They understand that every business is unique. That’s why they create custom software solutions from scratch. If there’s something you’ve always wanted your website to do… If you’re looking for a digital solution to improve efficiency or increase revenue… Or if you just want to talk about what’s possible with the right piece of software… Give Axim Solutions a call. You need experts who can defend against algorithms, updates and seismic shifts in the online ocean.

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