What does Time to Interactive (TTI) mean?

TTI is a measure of how long it takes your pages to become fully interactive. To put this simply, the content on the page must have loaded to a point where the user can interact with it (for example, clicking a link or scrolling down to read more). Your Website’s TTI score is ranked using the following scale.

0 - 3.8 seconds

3.9 - 7.3 seconds

> 7.3 seconds


According to Google’s research, only 1 out of 100 sites is able to achieve a TTI below 2.2 seconds. Most Websites take over 8 seconds to become fully interactive, and some even take 30 or more. By optimizing your Website, we can dramatically improve your visitor’s experience. With our support, your pages will be ready to respond to their actions much faster (typically over 5 seconds sooner), leading to more conversions for you.

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