What does Server Response Time (SRT) mean?

Server Response Time (SRT) is a measure of the time it takes for your Website to reply to the initial request for a page. While it is not one of Google’s core vital statistics at present, Google does watch how fast your Website responds to requests. This affects the values of all of the other criteria Google uses to score your site.

Most importantly, your visitors see this delay. A slow response can ruin a visitor’s experience on your site. Google uses the following ranges to score your SRT rank.

0 - 600 ms

> 600 ms


One of the biggest factors in your SRT score is the speed of your hosting provider. If you go with a cheap Website hosting provider, you can expect to get what you pay for. While there are a few hosts that can deliver a good SRT without charging an arm and a leg, we’ve created a proprietary platform for hosting Websites that comes included with our Website performance optimization. By including optimized hosting, we make sure what happens behind the scenes of your Website is just as optimized as what happens within. Our holistic approach provides the best performance without breaking the bank.

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