What does Speed Index (SI) mean?

How long does it take for a mobile device to load and draw all visual elements? You can answer that question with your Speed Index (SI) time. In the test data on our reports, we defer to Google’s default criteria for an “average mobile device using a 4G connection”. This data, which comes straight from Google’s PageSpeed Insights, can be interpreted using the following scale.

0 - 4.3 seconds

4.4 - 5.8 seconds

> 5.8 seconds


To improve Speed Index scores, we streamline the way your theme and plugins process what shows up on screen. We make sure that only code that needs to be run is actually run on your pages, which also helps several other core metrics. While there are some plugins that claim to take care of this all for you, no “one size fits all” plugin will be able to optimize your Website like our seasoned engineers.

Want to know how Google ranks your Website speed? Try our free and automated Website Analysis tool powered by Google PageSpeed Insights. We make Google’s data about your site easy to understand.

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