“Get the gifts you want every time!” – TheGiftIWant.com

The Gift I Want.com is a gift giving management site that allows users to create a personalized Wishlist for any event.

Axim Solutions worked with The Gift I Want to bring the client’s dream to life by providing the following services:

  • Built a prototype Website with basic Wishlist management features
  • Built a cross-platform compatible Browser Extension which allows users to add any product, from any Website and to any of their Wishlists – in just one click!
  • Handled code-signing registration and hosted the Browser Extension on the Google Chrome Extensions Store and Website (for other browsers)
  • Added secure user authentication and Facebook registration/login functionality
  • Added ability to share Wishlists with others, through the Website or via automated email
  • Added ability to track items gifted or received
  • Added a survey feature, where users could review the site and request new features

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