Axim Solutions, Inc. fully automated Moodle eLearning enrollments from the Income Tax School’s VPASP shopping cart software. The Income Tax School’s course administrators had been struggling for years to get students enrolled from their shopping cart promptly. Exchanging emails, double checking spreadsheets, and really stressing out were all part of the daily routine. Students generally had to wait about 24-48 hours to be reviewed and enrolled by a course administrator through a complicated manual process. Try as they might, ITS couldn’t find a way for Moodle to capture student enrollment data from their shopping cart because no one had ever integrated these two unique pieces of software before. Now that Axim Solutions has worked their magic, those worries are no more!

Axim Solutions wrote custom module which scans new purchases in VPASP for any online course products. When those products are detected on a completed purchase, Moodle automatically receives the enrollment information necessary to get the student started. Meanwhile, the student receives a confirmation email with login instructions for the Moodle eLearning Website. In spite of the fact that Moodle runs on an Ubuntu/Apache/PHP/MySQL server, and VPASP runs on a Windows/IIS/ASP/MsSQL server (two very different sets of technology!), an online course purchase in the shopping cart platform is almost instantly available to the purchasing student in the eLearning platform. This saves hundreds of hours each month for ITS sales and service agents, who would otherwise be wasting thsat precious clock-time on manually creating new student accounts, or enrolling existing students into newly purchased courses. The automated system also greatly reduces errors and student complaints, since it always follows the same process every time! Since their shopping cart was setup with this automated enrollment process, the number of enrollments has also increased dramatically.

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