The Income Tax School (ITS) is the nation’s leading provider of online tax preparation courses in all subjects from 1040s and The Affordable Care Act, to Corporate Tax Returns and Filing for Nonprofits. As part of new National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) requirements, ITS needed to update the delivery medium of their course content across 374 different course modules to fit strict requirements.

Previously most course content had been delivered by ITS through downloadable PDFs which students would study before their exams. However, NASBA required that multi-page lessons be provided directly on the Website, with quiz questions between every few pages. Axim Solutions quickly added a new feature whereby an ITS course manager could simply copy-paste content from PDF/Word documents into a form on the ITS Moodle Website. The Website then automatically split the content up into multi-page content, saving the course managers at ITS hundreds of hours of manual effort.

Additionally, Axim Solutions provided an overhaul of the ITS Moodle Website theme, matching the look and feel of the eLearning platform with the ITS WordPress Website, and providing an adaptive mobile-friendly appearance. The screenshots below are of sample lessons in the new site theme, using “dummy” content pasted from a Word document into the new customized lesson system.


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