Music is a universal language. A beat is a beat–regardless of where on the planet one plays it! How then can two people make synchronized music if they are not within a physically audible distance of each other? This was the challenge that Jason came to us with. Jason, a talented young Jazz musician, is on a personal mission — to help people communicate across the globe through a Universal Language … music!

Other developers told Jason it could not be done. It would cost too much. Audio playback would suffer latency issues. We at Axim partnered with Jason — we had him demonstrate his vision. We determined project requirements. We studied and sifted through frameworks that could be applicable, and picked the best one for his unique needs. And we accepted the fact that he did not have deep pockets!


Universal Language Rooms on Google Play

Today, Jason’s vision is a reality. Users can play, record, and share improvised melodies with one another using the Universal Language Rooms App! How does it work?

  • Users download the App from the Google Store (that we host and uploaded for Jason) and create an account using a valid email address
  • Users can choose from one of ten different instruments and creates melodies on their phone
  • Melodies of their choice are saved in their “Melodic Vault”
  • A user can share parts of their Melodic Vault with a friend
  • The friend listens to the melody and can add to it, move notes around, and compliment it with their own tune, creating a new tune!
  • Two people thus make music — and they could be sitting across a living room, or an ocean!

Learn more, and download today at:

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