Migrated Website to AWS, Automated Certificates

Axim Solutions first project with the Income Tax School was to migrate their Website from a former host to Amazon Web Services, and to then automate the then manual process of processing completion certificates for students.

When Axim Solutions, Inc. first started working with The Income Tax School, back in 2012, ITS was desperate to get their grading and certificate issuing systems automated. Course managers were previously spending hours every month manually preparing certificate documents in Microsoft Word. This process was tedious, since each student had a unique combination of information, such as CEU credits for the particular courses they had taken. Additionally, a Course Manager had to inspect the grade books of each course module in Moodle manually, to ensure that the student had, in fact, completed the requirements for their course.

Now, ITS doesn’t have to worry about these certificates because Moodle can track a student’s completion and issue the certificates, with all the unique CEU information – automatically! Within minutes of a student completing a series of modules, they receive a confirmation email with their PDF completion certificate attached. ITS also has the ability to review student’s grades or certificates for auditing purposes.

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